The following services are offered at affordable rates. Inquire here for more information.



Drafting services consist of technical drawings for commercial and residential use; plans, sections, elevations, and detail drawings of both interior and exteriors as well as specification page of materials and NYC building code.
Other services include drawings for laser cutting/CNC fabrication which can be provided in a number of different file formats for different machines.

Design Development.png

3D Modeling

3D modeling services take a design from concept to reality. Do you have a building project, proposal, renovation, object or installation you want to build? By use of iterative design in 3D modeling software, a digital replica of your concept can be constructed, from which renderings, technical and stylized drawings, scale models and prototypes can be generated.


Graphics Services

Graphics services include: photo-realistic and stylized renderings utilizing V-Ray rendering software, images for presentation boards, flyers, promotional materials, packaging, etc. Images can be delivered in a number of different file formats for use with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, etc.